Footballs (Tutorial)

January 30, 2013

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend so here's a really simply and easy to create design of textured footballs.

Start with base coat:

Paint all your nails brown:

Using the same brown polish and a dotting tool...

Create dots all over the nails, make them visible above the base coat of brown.

Using a thin nail art brush and white acrylic paint...

Create the white detail lines like on a football...

Two lines across each nail, one near the top and another near bottom: 

Then a vertical line in the centre of the nail, with several horizontal lines through the line: 

Then apply top coat, but not too thick so it ruins the dotted textured effect:

If you have short/wide nails like my thumb nails, you can create the same design, but horizontal across the nail...

To watch a video of me creating this design watch:

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