New Nail Polishes

January 24, 2013

I can't really afford to buy myself new nail polishes, so my main source for getting new nail polishes is going over to my mum's house and raiding her nail polish collection. 

I went over to her house last night and these are some of her nail polish colours that I loved and that she let me have. (I love my mama!)

(I didn't take the silver glitter, or the farthest right pink - she loved them too much)

My favourite that she gave me is Ink Suede by OPI:

(It dries matte - which is beautiful, but glossy topcoat can give it a very shiny/gloss finish also)

Pulsating (619) by Rimmel:

Flamant Rose (170) by Maybelline:

Bright Pink (279) by Barry M:

Blue Shock by Avon:

(I love this colour! It can be light/pale blue with 1 coat or bright blue with 2-3 coats)

Miss Sporty 302:

(I absolutely adore this colour!)

Hot Spot (270) by Rimmel:

Miss Sporty 450:

(This is a beautiful combination of reds, blue and purples)

Purple Glitter (No. 45) by Beauty UK:

(It's name is purple glitter, but the glitter is clearly pink)

Crack Me Up (Blue) by Miss Sporty:

(I don't use crackle effect polish too much, but it doesn't hurt to have more)

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