Super Mario (Tutorial)

January 18, 2013

Nail art based on the video game Super Mario.

After applying a base coat - paint your nails a light blue.

Then using dark brown arcylic paint (or brown polish) - paint a thick line across the tips of your nails.

Using green - paint on randomly placed bushes across all fingers, as well as the green tube-thing on your pinky finger.

Using white - paint randomly placed cloud shapes across your nails.

Using dark brown - paint a rectangle going across your middle and ring fingers.
Then using light brown - paint a square on your index finger, and a square in the middle of the rectangle.

Using white (stem), light brown (top) and red (dots) - paint a mushroom with red spots.

Using dark brown - paint a small '?' in the box on your index finger.

Using black - outline and add small detailing.

(You can add the black detailing into the brown tip - but I decided I preferred it plain brown.)

Finish with top coat.

The products I used:

To see a video of me creating this nail art, visit:

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