Daisy (Tutorial)

February 06, 2013

Here's a really cute and easy daisy nail art design :)

What you'll need:
- Base coat
- Top coat
- A dark blue polish
- A yellow polish
- A white polish
- Black acrylic paint (or polish)- A dotting tool- A thin detail brush

 Start by applying a base coat.

Then paint your nail a dark blue:

Using a dotting tool and yellow polish, create 2 dots - or however many your want (these dots will be centre of the daisies):

Then using the same size dotting tool and white polish, add white dots around the yellow dots (to create the petals):

Then using either a detail brush or a dotting tool and black paint or polish, create smaller dots/petal shapes inside the white dots:

Finish with top coat:


Products used:
Base coat - Nail Envy by OPI
Top coat - Good To Go by Essie
Blue - I don't know the brand or colour
White - Alpine Snow by OPI
Yellow - Yellow by BarryM
Black - Black acrylic paint by Wilko
Dotting Tool - eBay
Detail Brush - eBay

To watch the video tutorial for this design visit:


And if you try this design, I would love to see photos on Instagram or Twitter (@NatalieNicoll #BoomNailArt)

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