China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Review

March 15, 2013

I recently purchased China Glaze's Strong Adhesion base coat & I love it!!

I brought this base coat because nail polish peels off of my nail really easily, and that is a pain, because when I spend a lot time on a design I want it to last. This base coat claims to help polish stay on longer than other base coats. When using this base coat my nail polish still slightly comes away at the tip and does eventually still peel off, but not for an extra couple of days which is awesome!

I highly recommend it if you want that extra day or with your manicure!

I put this base coat to the test against some of my other favourite base coats (which are all good at different things). The base coats I used for the test were:
1. China Glaze Strong Adhesion
2. OPI Nail Envy (nail strengthener)
3. Barbara Daly Goodbye Yellow (no yellow staining)
4. Barry M 3-in-1 (base coat, top coat & nail hardener)

I used each of these base coats one of my nails, then painted two coats of Barry M's Satsuma, and finished with my favourite top coat Good To Go by Essie.

Index finger: China Glaze Strong Adhesion
Middle finger: OPI Nail Envy
Ring finger: Barbara Daly Goodbye Yellow
Little finger: Barry M 3-in-1

Straight after painting my nails:

After 1 day:

(OPI was the first to start coming away at the tip)

After 2 days:

After 3 days:

After this 4 day test, China Glaze definitely came out on top, hardly any of the polish had come away from the tip of nail, compared too all of the others were you can very noticeably see the white of the nail showing.

I brought mine for £5.95 on Amazon :) 

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