Nail Stamping (Tutorial)

March 02, 2013

Stamping nail art is a great way to easily get detailed nail art design and it so easy you can even do it with your non-writing hand!

The image plate I used:

I got the image plate as part of a 25 piece set from eBay:

What you'll need:
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Polish to be the base colour
  • A thick polish for the design
  • Image plate
  • Stamper
  • Scraper
  • Polish remover

Be sure the put the image plate on a piece of tissue or paper, because when you use the scraper, the excess polish will come off the side of the plate.

Start by applying a base coat.

Paint your nails and let them completely dry.

Then apply a thick polish to the image on the image plate, covering the whole image. (Thin/very translucent polish will not work to well)

Use a scraper to remove any excess polish (if you don't have a scraper, you can use an old credit card - also if possible use a scraper with a plastic blade, as the metal ones leave scratch marks on the image plate).

Once all the excess polish is removed, use a stamper to pick up the polish from the image buy firmly pressing the stamper onto the image.

The whole image should show in polish on the stamper, if it doesn't try again (it took me a while to get it perfect).

When the image is on the stamper, roll the stamper across the nail, pressing firmly (it will take a bit of practice to get the image lined up properly). 

Finish with top coat.

Cleaning up:
Clean away all polish residue from the plate, stamper & scraper with regular nail polish remover.

Products used:
  • Base coat - Strong Adhesion by China Glaze
  • Top coat - Good To Go by Essie
  • Pink - Hot Shot by Rimmel
  • White - White by Beauty UK
  • Image Plate
  • Stamper
  • Scraper
  • Polish Remover

Other times I've used this design:

To watch the video tutorial for this design visit my youtube:


& if you try out any of my designs I would love to see pictures :)
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