Barry M Nail Art Pens (Review)

April 11, 2013

I seen quite a few nail art pens online and have been tempted to buy one to see what they are like, but I didn't which one to get, until Barry M released four nail art pens. I absolutey LOVE Barry M products (favourite nail brand!) so I had to get one! I could only afford to get one because they are £4.99, and I am broke. So I decided to get the black one. I purchased mine from Superdrug.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I am so glad I brought it! It's a great tool, even tho I am someone who is very attached to doing my nails with varied nail art brushes and cheap acrylic paint…

As I only have the black one, this review is only based on that polish and not the other 3 colours.

  • Easy to control (great for someone who struggles to control brushes)
  • Colour is very opaque, no need to re go over lines
  • Works great on top of both nail polish and acrylic paint
  • Pretty thin tip for creating thin lines
  • Doesn't smudge when applying top coat (this sometimes happens with acrylic paint)
  • Fast drying

  • Only 3ml of polish, which isn't a lot for the price, considering these pens are £4.99 each and a regular Barry M polish is 10ml for usually only £2.99, (plus my acrylic paints are 75ml for only 99p from Wilkinsons, which last forever!)
  • Sometimes the polish shrinks slightly, and the line slightly distorts (like when using a felt-tip pens to write on something shiny)
  • I don't like that you can only really create one thickness of line, with nail art brushes you can vary depending on the size brush you use, it would great if they could release pens with a variation of tip sizes (for thick and thin lines - like those cool double ended pens!)
  • Not a huge variety of colours… this will most likely change though, as they will probably release more colours at some point. (I would love to be able to get ones in gold and blue!)
Overall I think these are a great tool for nail art.

Yes, when this runs out I will definitely re-purchase it!
I will also definitely be purchasing the white pen, I will most probably purchase the silver too, and there is a possibility that I may purchase the pink one (but I'm not much of a pink person)
…I would definitely buy any that were gold or blue (please Barry M haha).

Designs I created using the Barry M nail art pen:

When you first open the pen the tip is white with no polish, to start the flow of polish is really simple… Shake the pen (with the lid on), then press the tip down a piece of paper repeatly until the tip fills with polish!

I would love to see designs that you create using a Barry M or any other brand of nail art pens

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