Barry M's Nail Care Range

November 30, 2015

After seeing that Barry M had released a nail care product range I knew I had to try them out. 

I brought 3 of the 4 products from this range: Super Mani, Iron Mani and the Pink version of Mani Mask.

Super Mani
This is a twice-weekly nail treatment and basecoat, it's a 7-in-1 treatment that: 
- Encourages growth
- Strengthens with Keratin
- Nourishes with Argon Oil
- Promotes shine
- Hydrates with Vitamin E
- Smooths the nail surface
- Protects from breakages
The polishes, which appears as transparent pale purple in the bottle, applies as a clear coat on the nail. And also dries super fast. 

Iron Mani
Also a twice-weekly nail treatment and base coat that:
- Strengthens, Smooths & prevents Breakages
(To be applied to bare nails)
This appears to be mainly a nail hardener and basecoat, as it doesn't have nearly as many treatments as Super Mani.
As with Super Mani the polish applies clear (although is a transparent pale blue in the bottle), this dried fast, but not quite as fast as Super Mani.
(Index: Super Mani, Middle: Iron Mani)
Both polishes look identical on the nail. 
And give a nice shine to the nail. 
Mani Mask
Available in two colours, pink and nude, I decided to only buy one and I chose pink because my natural nail bed is quite pink, so I thought this colour would give a more natural look. I may eventually try the nude though. 
Mani Mask is polish with included treatment for your nails that:
- Strengthens & conditions damaged nails
- Conceals with a semi matte colour finish 
Already, even without testing the treatment effects, I love this polish, it's a pale, sheer and very naturally pink, I applied just one coat and it dried very fast, with a smooth matte finish. This polish would be perfect to wear on days where you don't want to wear a colour polish, it helps make your nails looks brighter and cleaner. This polish would also be perfect to use for a French manicure. It you are not keen on the matte finish, you can obviously apply a gloss topcoat to add shine. 
Picture Comparisons
Iron Mani & Mani Mask
(Index: Super Mani, Middle: Iron Mani, Ring: Mani Mask, Pinky: Bare)

Once I've used these products a little while longer, and have had a chance to evaluate wether they have help strengthen my nails and which ones are best for what, then I will post another review.

All four of the products from this range are currently available at Marks & Spencer ( for £4 each, and will be releasing in Boots and Superdrug on Janurary 20th. 
Will you be picking up any of the polishes from this range? 
Have you tried any already, what do you think of them? 
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