Nails Inc - Spray Can Nail Polish (Review)

November 16, 2015

Nail polish in a spray can. A new product by Nails Inc, the first of it's kind, claims to be the worlds fastest manicure. I had to buy one!!

Each can is £10 on Nails Inc's website, and currently comes in 2 colours; Shoreditch Lane and Hoxton Market. 
I chose to buy Shoreditch Lane (the silver colour), as I thought I would wear this more often than the pink one.

 How to apply:
Apply a base coat and let it dry. (I used Help Me Grow by Essie)
Shake the can, and spray the polish from about 15cm away from the nails, make sure you put your hand on paper or cover the area your are working on (it will get messy)
Let the polish dry.
Then apply a top coat and let that dry. (I used Good To Go by Essie)
At this point your hands are covered in spray polish, but with warm water and soap you can then wash off the excess.
And... Tada! Done. 
the first time using it I did miss a few bits at the sides of the nails...

Removing the polish:
The polish comes off with regular nail polish remover, although because it is a glitter polish, if will be trickier to remove. (check out my tips and tricks post on easily removing glitter polish here)


My review:
▲ Good formula, only requires 1 spray coat to be opaque. 
▲ Fast, it is a fast way of applying nail polish (but I will cover in the cons why for me personally it is not quicker than regular polish)
▲ Easy, for people who struggle painting their nails, and making their manicure look neat it is perfect as wiping off the excess is very simple.
▲ Great for painting with your non-dominatant hand, I think a lot of people (including me sometimes), struggle with using brushes with your non-wiring hand.
▲ Dries very fast, but totally drying time does depend on the base & top coats as well. 
▲ SO SHINY. The pigments in the spray are definitely unique. The first thing I noticed after applying the polish was how shiny/sparkly it was, compared to other silver polishes I own.

▼ Price, £10 is expensive compared to a lot of drug store polishes you can buy for £3-4. 
▼ The mess, glitter everywhere!! Even though I took precautions to cover the area around my hand, the glitter in the spray seemed to spread into the air and my table, sofa and clothes all ended up with a thin layer of sparkles on them (I love shiny things so I don't mind, but be weary of where you apply the polish) 
▼ Is it really that fast? For me personally, no. With the drying time of the base coat, top coat, washing around my nails and then cleaning up the messy paper, it wasn't as fast as I was hoping. Though this is completely personal to me, I am quite fast at painting my nails with regular polish and with fast drying top coats, painting my nails with regular polish doesn't take long at all. (If you are not as confident with regular polish then this con doesn't really apply to you) 
▼ Neatness, not as neat in the sides/cuticle areas as regular polish. (once again depends on your skill level)
▼ Lack of colour choices, I'm sure that Nails Inc will go on to create more colours, but as of right now the choices are limited to only silver or pink.

Should You Buy It?
It all comes done to personal preferences and your skill painting nails. 

If you enjoy collecting nail polishes like me, then DEFINITELY YES, because it will be something completely unique to your collection. 

If you are someone who struggles to neatly paint your nails, or struggles to paint with your non-dominant hand, then YES it is worth buying, you will get an even coverage and the same result on both hands. 

If you are someone, like me, who is confident painting your nails with a regular polish brush, and it doesn't take you long, then PROBABLY NOT. £10 to me seems like a lot of money for something that wasn't exactly 'faster' and involved more hassle of cleaning up. (Unless you really like the colours)

If you don't like silver or pink nail polish, then NO, wait to see if they bring out more colours. 

You can find both of these polishes and more information about them on Nails Inc's website here.

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any product you would like to see me review, please let me know in the comments :)
Have you tried these spray polishes? Let me know what you thought? 

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