MoYou London // My Stamping Wishlist

October 13, 2017

I have been following MoYou on Instagram for ages and I absolutely adore the designs they have on their stamping plates, I don't own any MoYou products (and have never tried any) but I have a dream wishlist on their website that I hope to one day be able to afford. In my wishlist I have 30 plates, a stamper, a mat and a polish bundle... which when I put into my cart, totaled to over £222! :O 
For the sack of making my wishlist more realistically affordable, I narrowed it my top 10 plates, then down further to my top 5 plates. Their collections are unique and full of stunning designs, my favourites are the Scandi and Origami collections

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Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with MoYou... although I would LOVE to be hehe!

My top 10 plates: 

Other things in my wishlist:
3 in 1 - Super Clear Rectangular Stamper & Scraper
Holy Bundle (Black Knight, White Knight, Cuticle Guard, Smudge Resistant Top Coat)
My Magic Workshop (mat)

My 11-30:
Mix & Match - 01 Animal - 04 Minimal - 01 Scandi - 03 Explorer - 24 Minimal - 03 Hipster - 18 Enchanted - 16 
Sci-fi - 03 Hipster - 11 Scandi - 08 Rebel - 06 Mother Nature - 07 Origami - 03 Zodiac - 07 (Leo) 
Tropical - 23 Sci-fi - 01 Trend Hunter - 11 Festive - 53 Trend Hunter - 04 

My bundle deal pick:

More about MoYou:
MoYou along with selling individual plates, stampers and polishes, sell a lot of nail art accessories, like dotting tools and ombre sponges. They also offer a lot of bundles, bundles of: plate collections, polish collections, plates and polishes together and beginner kits. MoYou also release a new collections each month!

Gift Cards: have a person in your life who enjoys nail art? MoYou sell gift cards which might be just the perfect gift for nail art lovers this Christmas!!

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