My Current Nail Polish Wishlist // 29 Polishes

October 04, 2017

I have a constant wishlist list of nail polishes I want to own, but nail polish brands that I love seem to release new polishes faster than I can afford to buy all the ones I want. 

This post is my current wishlist of polishes. 

Starting the list is my single most wanted nail polish. That is Moo's Hearts by Moo Moo Signatures. I have never tried any Moo Moo Signatures polishes but I have been following the company on Instagram for so long..... and when I saw this online and read the name I instantly feel head-over-heels with this polish. 

This is the 2nd love of my life (after my husband), this is my dog-baby, her name is Moo. So I obviously ADORE anything with the name Moo in it or to do with Boston Terriers//Cows. So I almost melted when I saw a nail polish named Moo's Heart. I literally NEED this polish!! 

Lets do this list is sections by brand. 
Since my top one is Moo Moo Signatures here are the rest of the nail polishes by Moo Moo Signature that I want to own. 

 Moo Magic In A Pot & Moo-Yeti 
Sand Storm & Glowing Arctic Wolf
 Mutant Love & Mooberry Sparkle
Mermaid Elixir

Next are the polish I would love to own by 'Ard As Nails. I love the polish selection they have. I only own one at the moment, but plan on hopefully expanding my 'Ard As Nails collection soon.
Shamone & Giraffe Girl  
Heavily Meditated & Tequila Sunrise 
Minty Mojito & Purple Gecko 
Autumn Leaves & Banana Smoothie

Next up are three by Danglefoot Nail Polish. I have been following Danglefoot on Instagram and Facebook for so long, but still do not own any of their polishes! These three polishes are all from Danglefoot's Whodunit Collections, which I think all look absolutely stunning. In The Library With The Nail File is a polish that I MUST own. 

In The Library With The Nail File & It's A Red Herring 
Professor Plum

Next is polishes by Essence, I recently discovered my new found love with these polishes, thanks to my mum buying me a few of them as a present.  There is only two of them on my list currently as because they are so cheap I recently brought most of the colours that I had been wanting to get.

Miracle Stone & Vintage Style

And last but most definitely not least, my favourite brand of nail polish... Barry M. I already own probably what most 'normal' people would consider an over-the-top amount of Barry M nail polishes..... but they just keep releasing more, so I keep buying more!! I currently have a few that I have been meaning to buy and haven't gotten around to and those are...

Oasis & Lemonade 
Flamingo & Earl Grey 
 Dragster & Bright Lights
Glow Crazy & Island Fever 

If you want to buy any of these polishes or just want to check out any of these brand's website you can find them at...
Moo Moo Signatures:
'Ard As Nails:
Barry M:

Do you own any of these polishes and are they worth buying? What's on your polish wishlist? Let me know by leaving me a comment :) 

Photographs do not belong to me, all photographs on this post were found on the polish creator's official websites.

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