Peel It! Review // Barry M's New Peel Off Base Coat

October 02, 2017

I have been doing a lot of swatching recently, so when I saw that Barry M had released a peel-off base coat I thought it might come in handy for peeling off between swatches. I have never owned or even used a peel off base coat before, the reason: I CAN'T GET NAIL POLISH TO NOT PEEL OFF! Seriously, I swear I have one of the world's only set of nail polish repellent nails! Nail polish will completely peel off (whole) after 1-2 of wearing, I don't mind this so much because I like to change my nail colour a lot, but it is super annoying when I spend hours doing a beautiful design only to have the whole thing peel straight off after 24 hours.... and I have tried every long lasting base/top combo, buffing the nail down to create roughness to cling to, using acetone to get off oils.... everything. 
Anyway, back to the Peel It! base coat, I tried this expecting some fun peel porn, give it a go a few times to try it out and then it would probably go on my polish shelf and sit there for the rest of time. Then something AMAZING happened...... my nail polish stayed on!! I mean stayed on for almost 4 days without a single peel or even a chip (It would have lasted longer but I peeled it off because I want to change my nail polish colour)! I'm still in shock. I have now found my favourite base coat of all time, my holy grail. 
Now I suspect this is probably not going to be the case for most people, as I'm pretty sure that most people don't have stupid nails that rebel against nail products, but I do recommend it to anyone who struggles with their nail polish peeling off whole (I even had a bath in those few days and it didn't peel). 


  • Dries fast, not as fast as other base coats I own, but with the consistency I expected it to take longer than it did to dry. 
  • Great way to get polishes like glitter off, instead of smearing glitter all over your finger with nail polish remover.
  • Cheap, only £2.99.
  • Looks white in the bottle, but dries completely clear. 
  • Comes off easier if you pick at with your teeth, I am an ex-nail biter, and jeez was it satisfying to bit it off!!
  • Not sure if this is a pro, but while it's drying it does feel cold on the nails, which I found a fun experience, not sure why, think it's just odd for nails to feel temperature. Hehe 
  • Not the best for 'peel porn', on my nails it didn't peel off in one satisfying piece, rather lots of smaller pieces. 
  • Polish struggled to peel off right at the tip of my nail.
  • Not the fastest drying base coat if you are in a rush
Quick tip: make sure to let the polish and top coat completely dry, before attempting to peel of the polish, I tried to peel my off too soon after applying the polish and it was a bit of a mess and I ended up after to use nail polish remover. 

Final thoughts:

If you are in the market for a cheap peel of base coat, and you don't mind that it isn't going to be as good as more expensive ones on the market, then it is a good purchase. If you are an avid user of peel off base coats and need the satisfaction of a single, one piece, peel off, then I would look at other popular brands. If you are like me and have never experienced using a peel off base coat, then for only £2.99, if nothing else it's fun to sit and peel off and you never know you might have some crazy magical moment with it, like I did. 

I am beyond glad I brought this base coat, I am going to stock up and don't think I will be using any other base coat any time soon. 

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