Barry M Lip & Nail kits // Swatch & Review

November 30, 2017

Swatch video:

Superdrug - Extravagant & Signature

Boots - Opulent & Bittersweet

- Great colours choices for the holiday season, would make a good 'going out' set for holiday/new years parties
- Good formula on both the polishes and lip paints
- Extravagant is a unique colour to my collection
- Packaging is lovely, I would nail polishes that come in boxes hehe

- Unable to buy, only available as a free gift
- The colours in the sets are the not the exact same shade, I would perfer if I could have my nails and lips identical shades
- The red and purple shades seem a bit 'samey', Barry M seem to always lean towards those two colours around the holidays... It would be nice to have maybe a gold or green instead (and yes, I would totally wear green lipstick)

I personally prefer the Superdrug kit, the polish is a unique burgundy/brown shade with purple shimmer (something I don't already have in my collection) and the lip paint is a lovely shade is a pretty but not too dark. If you prefer more traditional red polish and darker lip shades, then the Boots kit is probably the way to go for you.

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