Best Moyou Plate For Short Nails? // Stamping Plate Review

February 14, 2018

Last week I broke two of my nails :'( and decided I would file my nails drown super short. It's the first time in a while that my nails have been this short, and I realized that even the regular size plates by Moyou London are now super big for my nails. Their not too large and still work great, but I realized that I definitely have a favorite plate in my collection for when my nails are this short. 

That plate is Scandi 08. I love this plate for any length of nails, it's a great choice whether your nails are super short, super long or anywhere in between, but I've definitely been using a lot more since shortening my nail length. 
Unlike the majority of Moyou stamping plates, which are usually 12-18 full nail designs or 1 large design, this plate has 43 small designs. All plant/leaf/flower designs white are in the same minimalist outline style as the rest of the plates in the Scandi collection (which is my favorite collection by Moyou). 

Things I love about this plate:

  • The plate has so many designs to choose from.
  • The designs are small, so even on short nails none of the design is lost or left out of the nail.
  • They make beautiful and simple accent nails (I love a good accent nail).
  • The designs work great together for mix-and-match manis.
  • The designs on the plate work for all kinds of seasonal themed nails.
  • On longer nails you can place several of a design repeated.
  • The designs have a lot of empty space within the outline, so you have do lots of fun reverse stamping to colour in the designs.
  • If you have super short nails, some of the design may even work as a full nail design.

Some nails I've done recently, using this plate, on short nails...

You find this plate here.
Also, you can use this link to get 10% off your order...

What is your favorite stamping plate for short nails? Tweet me @nimynails

- N :)

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