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February 26, 2018

I own a lot of nail polishes, and most brands I have multiple shades from, but there are a few brands of nail polish that I only own one shade of... my 'lonely polishes' This post has swatches of the 12 polishes that are lonely in my polish collection. Pretty much all of these brands I wish I had loads of polishes from and this list of polishes include some of my all time favourite polishes.

My Way Or The High Way - China Glaze
It is almost ridiculous that I only own one China Glaze polish! I've had this polish for a few years, it was a birthday present from my wonderful cousin Hannah (Hannah Heartss). I adore any polish that is turquoise/teal, and this is a beautiful medium turquoise shade with a lovely, thin-ish formula. (2 coats)

Natalie - 'Ard As Nails
This polish has been feature in several of my posts over the past couple of years, because I love it. It's a lovely colour-shifting metallic polish. I am definitely planning on buying more 'Ard As Nails polishes in the future. (2 coats over Black Is Back by Essence)

Lagoon - Technic
I won this polish is a giveaway a few months ago on Instagram by Emily, nailmeright. It's a stunning bright metallic/shimmer blue. And when I first applied it, was really surprised that I didn't own anything else similar to this in my collection, which is weird considering how many blue shades I own. (2 coats)

Sword Of Destiny - Masura
I got this polish from the same nailmeright giveaway. I don't know how this is possible, but I had never seen, nor heard of Masura polishes before! I am obsessed with this polish. I love gold, and I love glitter. This polish looks beautiful on it's own, over gold polish and over other colours. I hope to try more Masura shades in the future. (2 coats + 1 coat over Angelfish by Barry M)

Studio 54 - Models Own
Yet again, another from the same giveaway. This is a bright, hot pink metallic chrome polish. Looks beautiful and is a perfect bright shade for summer. (2 coats)

Congenial - Gloss 'N Sparkle
The final on this list from the nailmeright giveaway, is from a brand that I know nothing about. When I got this polish I searched online for more info about Gloss 'N Sparkle, but I couldn't find a website or social media pages. I'm guessing this brand is no longer in business. But this polish is absolutely lovely. A mint green polish packed with different size copper/bronze hex glitter. I wish I could find more polishes from this brand. (2 coats)

Feather - Yes Love
This was a gift from my brother when he went on holiday to Spain. I can't find pretty much anything about this brand online. It's a clear based glitter polish full of blue and black bar glitters. (2 coats over Cotton by Barry M)

Moo's Heart - Moo Moo Signatures
This polish is definitely in my top 10 polishes of all time. I love literally everything about it. The shade, the packaging, the name. I wrote about this polish is my 'What I Got For Christmas' post. This was a present from my husband, our dog's name is Moo, so it's I nearly melted when he brought my a polish called 'Moo's Heart'. This is a crelly vibrant red polish with a pink and gold shimmer. I wear this polish a lot. I 100% plan on buying more Moo Moo Signature polishes soon. (2 coats)

Merino - Angelica
I use to own another Angelica polish, but I have no idea where that disappeared too, I move house a lot, so I must have lost it during one of my moves over the last few years. This is a 'cashmere matte finish', which is a soft satin finish. The black polish with a blue and silver shimmer. (2 coats)

Star Gazer - PS 
I 'stole' this from my Mum a few months ago (I say stole, but she knew I was taking it). I wanted to try a PS polish and when I saw this in my Mum's collection, I knew I needed it. It's a really pretty holographic/iridescent blue glitter topper polish (wow, try saying that fast). (2 coats over New Moon by Moyou London)

Moonlit - Born Pretty
This is a stamping polish and the first polish that I have gotten by Born Pretty. I recently reviewed this polish in a post, which you can read here. (2 coats)

New Moon - Moyou London
The last polish on this list is another stamping polish, this one my Moyou London, which is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite brands. This is a very dark grey polish (almost black, although not the 'blackest' shade the have). I use this polish for stamping a lot, but also enjoy wearing sometimes just as a regular polish. The is one polish that I know won't be lonely in my collection for very long, as soon as I am in a better finical situation I am without a doubt adding more Moyou polishes to my collection. This polish was included in my Moyou London review video, which you can watch here. (2 coats)

To see and follow my ever-growing nail polish collection, be sure to follow me on Snupps. I update it every time I get a new polish, and keep an organised set of lists by brand. My username is @nimynails.

- N :)

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