Essence Express Dry Drops & Spray // Review & Comparison

February 16, 2018

I first tried Essence's Nail Art Express Dry Drops a few months ago, after my Mum recommended it to me (she uses it all the time). And recently I decided to buy the Express Dry Spray because I was interested in comparing them. 
After having used both of them on several occasions, these are my pros and cons for each.
Express Dry Drops
- Applying to nail art designs appears to help prevent smudging when applying top coat (sometimes)
- Almond oil moisturizes my cuticles and skins around my nails
- Nails are touch-dry within a minute or two
- The fact that it's oil based means it's lightly waterproof and needs to be washed off with soap, which is a bit of a pain when my nails aren't 100% dry
- Although it does speed up the touch-dry element, I don't think it takes off a huge amount of drying time (even after a few minutes my nails are still dent-able)
Express Dry Spray
- Smells lovely
- Less messy, I don't get oil over everything I touch while waiting for my nails to dry
- Quicker to apply than the drops
- I personally don't think this dries my nails are fast as the drops
- Touch-dries my nails, but not fully dry with 'seconds' as it states (just like the drops)
Overall thoughts and preference...
Out of the two Express Dry products I definitely prefer the drops over the spray. The spray does seem to be the quicker and easier products, but I personally think the drops dry my nails faster. I usually use them during nail art designs, when I'm doing a lot of layers of the design and don't want to wait too long between elements of the design. 
These both retail for £2.00-£2.50, I brought mine from Wilko.

- N :)

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