Four Spring Collection // Swatches // New Nimy Polishes

February 02, 2018

My latest nail polish collection: Four Spring, is out now and so I wanted to post swatches and a bit more information about each of the polishes.
With this collection I wanted to create some creme polishes, because I hadn't made any until now. I made these shades based of the kind of colours I love to wear on my nails during spring.
So without further ado...

Blowing Bubbles
2 coats with top coat
Sky blues are a classic spring go-to shade for me, and so I knew I wanted to create one for this collection. This name is inspired by a really silly old YouTube video of mine from almost 11 years ago, of my brother singing about blowing bubbles while in the bath (it's probably the most pointless video I've ever posted on YouTube, and I've posted a lot of complete nonsense: there are 4 parts, but this is one of them, I warn you that you'll never get back the few seconds you waste of your life watching this stupidity).

Mama Likes It Taupe
2 coats with top coat
This is a taupe-nude shade, this was originally a custom shade that I made for my Mum for Christmas. I feel in love with the shade and decided to make it a part of this collection. The name is based on the fact that my Mum is obsessed with taupe shade nail polishes.

Margarita Pool
2 coats with top coat
This is a pastel spring green creme that is perfect for the spring and summer months. I think this is a also a great colour for some beautiful spring nail art designs. The name is based on a scene from the tv show The Last Man On Earth, where Tandy (one of my fish's namesakes) is laying in a paddling pool full of margarita.

Apricot Smoothie
3 coats with top coat
This is my favourite of the four, it's a peachy-yellow shade. I love this colour and I wanted to create it because I didn't own anything close to it. I love peach polishes but I don't own very many and I wanted a new peachy shade to wear this spring. The name is based on the fact that when I was pouring the first batch into bottle it looked like a smoothie that I wanted to drink (obviously I didn't haha)

You can buy each of these polishes for £5 on my website:

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