Moyou London Deco 05 // Stamping Plate Review

February 28, 2018

The most recently released plate I have from Moyou London, as of writing this, is Deco 05. Part of Moyou's new Deco collection, which is a collection of plates with intricate and sophisticated designs. The description of these plates on Moyou London's website says that these plate are perfect for; 'date nights or weddings and engagement parties'. I totally agree that.
While the Deco collection isn't my usual style of designs. I prefer mostly quirky, minimal designs (like the Hipster and Scandi collections). But this particular plate from the collection was one that grabbed my attention, mostly because of the different, and interesting size and shaped designs. The plate, listed as being 1 large designs, has 21 varied designs. 8 larger, horizontal designs. 7 medium sized, right-angle designs. And 6 smaller designs. The plate is based around decorative, swirly designs. I love the variation of ways to use all of these designs.

Every single design works perfectly for a accent nail, in my opinion. 
All of the larger designs have a straight edge, making them perfect to do a half-nail design. Or place the design twice to create a mirrored effect.
I think the right angle designs are the best ones. I love using them at the top of my nails, to create a half-moon design. The designs work for this both ways up, point or curve.
Perfect to use on special occasions or formal events.

I'm not the biggest fan of the smaller designs. I don't find much use for them.
Non of the designs are full-nail (unless you have super short nails).
The intricacy of the designs may be hard for beginners. 
Not a lot of designs that are good for reverse stamping. 

Designs Using This Plate...

Overall Thoughts
Although this plate is not usually my cup of tea, but I do find myself using this plate occasionally. When I want an intricate accent nail, or a sophisticated mani. I do like the look of one or two of the other plates in this collection, and every plate from this collection is very different from the others. All the plates have multiple sizes and amount of designs. 

You can buy this plate here.

Do you have any of the Deco plates? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @nimynails.

- N :) 

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