Moyou London Scandi 07 // Stamping Plate Review

March 07, 2018

I own quite a few Moyou London plates now. I mostly own the regular size plates, with 18 designs, because I keep my nails quite short. But a couple of months ago I decided I wanted to try out one of Moyou's XL plates. I decided to buy Scandi 07, because I thought the designs would look good even if I would only fit a section of the design on my nail. 
The Scandi collection is my favourite collection from Moyou London, and this plate is no exception, the designs on it are stunning. Detailed and stylised. The plate has some designs that are made up of straighter lines, in intricate patterns, and some that are more 'flowy' and 'swirly' designs.
The regular size equivalent to this plate is Scandi 06, which has a majority of similar designs, and unlike a lot of the XL vs regular plates the small one doesn't have only smaller sizes, the designs are cropped. So you get roughly the same outcome on the nail regardless of what size you buy. The reason I prefer the XL in this case is because I get more choice in the positioning of the design, I decide what parts are cropped out.
Some of the designs on this plate are great for reverse stamping, but I don't usually do a lot of reverse stamping with this plate. And although the designs are all meant to be full nail, there are a few that have sections that can be taken out and used without the rest of the design around it (like the last photo below). 

Designs using this plate:

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