Superdrug Hand & Nail Cream // Review

March 09, 2018

I have used many hand creams over the last few years. My all time favourite has been Hand Food by Soap & Glory for years, but over the last year or so I haven't brought any and instead have been testing out other, cheaper, hand creams. I've like a couple, but didn't love any until I found this hand and nail cream in Superdrug. It caught my eye because it had 'nail' in bold letters on it, and my brain always seems to hone in on anything nail related.
The bottle says that it 'strengthens nails' and 'moisturises hands', and I thought it would be interesting to test out, because usually my hand creams aren't specifically targeted at nails. I have now been using this hand cream everyday for the last 2 months. 
While I can't say that it has done any strengthen to my nails, it is really moisturising on my hands. I really like the smell of the hand cream, and it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky. It dries fast and makes my hands feel lovely. The cream is available in 2 sizes, 150ml for £1.99 and 75ml for £1.49. I own both size, I keep the larger one on my desk and the smaller one in my handbag. 
If you are looking to try out a new hand cream, I would definitely recommend this one. Even if it didn't necessarily strengthen my nails, as a regular moisturising hand cream it works great, and the fact that it's so cheap is an awesome bonus.


- N :)

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