What's In My Nail Travel Bag

March 23, 2018

Last week I took a long weekend trip to visit one set of my parents. And while I was packing for the trip, I thought I might write a post about what I take with me in my nail travel bag.
On this specific trip I am taking more than I normally would for a long weekend, but I knew I would end up doing nails for both myself and my Mama during the weekend. So I wanted to take more polish and plate opinions than normal.
I pack my travel nail supplies in a Vans grey polka dot bag, which was a present from my other set of parents a few Christmases ago.
Things I always pack
Cuticle oil
Hand cream
Several polishes
Base coat
Matte & gloss top coat
Nail file
Polish remover
Stamping plates 
Stamper + scraper
Nail brushes
Cuticle clippers + pusher

Peel It base coat // Barry M
The Gel top coat // Essence
Matt To Meet You top coat // Essence
Lagoona Beach // Essence
Black Is Back // Essence
Wild White Ways // Essence
Glow Crazy // Barry M
Jane's Sunshine // nimynails.com
I keep my nail art supplies in a smaller cotton bag inside the Vans bag, and my cuticle oil in a plastic zip-lock bag (because it's a bit leaky).

- N :)

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