Born Pretty Mini Swatch & Review // Too Much Metals Polish

April 13, 2018

I have been pretty quiet online recently (I have been loitering, just not posting as much), sorry about that. Over the last couple of weeks I have been moving house, so I was busy packing and unpacking all of my many nail polishes. 
Anyway, I back! I'm ending this week with just a super quick post, and next week I will be back to posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I recently received this pretty purple polish from Born Pretty and thought I'd share a mini swatch and review post about it. (I can't remember if I've ever posted a swatch and review of just a single polish before?)

This polish is called Too Much Metals and is part of Born Pretty's Mirror Metallics series of polishes. There are 7 polishes in this collection, all are metallics finishes (duh!) and all look super pretty from what I've seen online.

On the Born Pretty website it says to only apply one coat of the polish, but I applied two for my swatch photos. Usually when polishes are listed as having a 'mirror effect' I am let down, usually the polishes end up being duller or streakier than I would like. This polish isn't necessarily a 'mirror finish' in the sense of reflection, but it is very shiny metallic finish and to my surprise didn't apply or dry as streaky as I assumed it would. (It does still show a few streaks, but I can't think of a mirror/metallic polish I've tried that didn't). 
This polish is opaque in one coat, but I can't help back to always apply two coats, even with one-coaters. The only thing about this polish that I'm not the biggest fan of is the brush, but that is a personal preference. The brush is quite thick and straight and as I have very curves nail beds I do find it a bit of a pain to apply polish neatly around my cuticle area with brushes like these. 
This polish does work for stamping, although I couldn't get it to work every time I tried, and found the result differed a lot depending on the stamper I used. But it's always a bonus when a non-stamping polish works for stamping! 
This polish retails for £2.90 on the Born Pretty store:
You can buy this polish HERE
Oh, and be sure to use my code NMYX31 for 10% off your Born Pretty store order!!

p.s. Happy Friday 13th!

- N :)

**contains PR samples**

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