Four New Molten Metal Polishes // Swatch & Review

April 16, 2018

A few weeks ago Barry M added four new polishes to one of my favourite collections, the Molten Metal collection. These four new releases are all linear holographic polishes. After seeing the first holo polish in the collection, Holographic Lights, I was hoping that they would release more shades like it... and now they have!!

Holographic Moon
First up, and probably the hardest to describe, in the bottle it looks like it has more bronze tones to it, but on the nail it looks more like a taupe shade with hints of pink. Either way, it's beautiful. 

Holographic Sunburst
This is a stunning copper red shade. Perfectly fitting to it's name. This is great for all year round, but to me this would make a beautiful holo shade for autumn, I can see it being a pretty base colour for some autumn leaves designs. 

Holographic Flare
Next is a really pretty green (almost turquoise) shade, that is fairly muted. I love basically anything in turquoise, and this no exception. 

Holographic Rocket
Last, but definitely not least, is this gorgeous purple polish. This is my favourite of the four. I expected my favourite to be the turquoise one, but this purple polish and I just fell in love at first sight. It's the most vibrant of the four and I'm always a fan of brighter colours. To me this is a perfect summer polish, and I can tell that I'm going to be wearing it a lot when the sun comes out.
(stamping plate: Hipster 19 by Moyou London)

All four of these polishes are absolutely stunning. I love them all and am so glad I got them, and I'm really impressed with the formula on these polishes. They apply wonderfully and each only needed two coats for the swatch photos (Holographic Lights has always seemed better with three for me).

Read my swatch & review of all of the previous Molten Metal polishes HERE.

Each of these polishes retail for £3.99, and you can buy them (and the rest of the Molten Metal collection) HERE.

Now, Barry M, if you're reading this... please consider adding even more polishes to Molten Metal collection, but in the same formula/finish as Purple Frost!!

- N :)

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