Born Pretty Store Thermal Polish Swatch // Unicorn

August 04, 2018

This was my first time ever trying a thermal nail polish!! I know I'm super late to the game of this trend, but I've never gotten around to getting or trying any colour changing polishes... Until now!
This polish is called Unicorn and it's from the Elysees collection.
This polish changed between blue and purple depending on the temperature of the nail (or bottle, because it also changes colour in the bottle). It is blue when warm and purple when cold. On my nails it is usually at max blue, with a small purple tint at the tips, as the tips don't get as much body temperature.

I am intrigued to see what's its like in winter, because of course its always blue right now...
The best way to play with the changing of colours is to run it under different temperature water.
The formula of the polish is a bit streaky and it did take me three coats to even out and be opaque... and it can be a bit disorienting that it changes colour while you're applying it!
And, bonus about it polish... it's peel-off! It peels off really well and is super satisfying.
I really like both of the shades this polish can be and having colour changing nail is super fun, I should have tried this ages ago!!

This polish currently retails for only £3.01...
You can buy this polish from the Born Pretty store HERE.
Oh, and remember to use code NMYX31 for 10% off your BPS purchase!!

- N :) 

**contains PR samples**

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