Beauty Big Bang XL-026 Skull Stamping Plate

October 18, 2018

Today I have Beauty Big Bang's XL-026 plate to show you. It's part of Beauty Big Bang's Halloween plate collection for this year and I think it's awesome. 

The plate is skull-themed and even though it's technically a Halloween plate, you can definitely wear these design all year round. The plate has 14 full nail size designs and there is a variety of styles of skull designs on the plate. From more realistic to cuter and cartoon-y ones. A lot of the designs are repeating so they work really well on any size nail (even short like mine), and the ones that are a single big design are easy to split across multiple nails or you can choose to just use a section of the design.

Designs I created using this plate:

You can buy the plate for £2.73 HERE

Oh, and don't forget, if you want 10% your Beauty Big Bang order to use my discount code: NIME10

- N :)

***post contains PR samples***

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