Beauty Big Bang Peel-Off Liquid Latex Barrier

October 13, 2018

I have been using Beauty Big Bang's Peel Off Liquid Latex for a few weeks now and I love it. I usually use peel-off glues that are not actually latex based, and I had no idea what I was missing out on. 

The liquid latex comes in a 12ml bottle and in various shades. I chose the 002 shade (it's the cheapest for some reason - no idea why). The 002 shade is the darker of two blue shade. Obviously, the shade you get is a just personal preference, it doesn't affect the results of the product or your end nail designs. I just wanted a dark colour so I could clearly see where it was on my skin.

The bottle comes with a standard size and shape brush applicator, which is rounded to make application super easy. It dries super fast - much faster than I thought it would - so you don't have to faff a bunch while doing your nails. 

You just a apply a thin layer around the skin surrounding your nail and once it's dry do you nail (I recommend using this or an alternative whenever doing: stamping, water marble or sponged on gradients). Once you finished your design simply peel it off, it comes off really easily and doesn't leave any residue behind on your skin.

Being a latex based product, it does have a distinct latex scent (like most latex products), but the scent it mostly contained to the bottle itself. It's a strong smell when you first open the bottle but it doesn't leave any scent behind on your skin after using it.

You can buy this individually for £1.51 or £2.27 (depending on the shade) HERE

Or as part of a trio with black and white stamping polishes for £8.36 HERE

(I love the black and white polishes! You can read my swatch & review post about them HERE)

Oh, and if you want 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order... use my discount code: NIME10

- N :)

***post contains PR samples***

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