Born Pretty No Smudge Top Coat

October 10, 2018

It took me months of experimenting with different top coats over stamped designs to finally start trying any top coats specific formulated for stamping. I did find a few regular top coats that work okay but nothing compares to a top coat that is specific to stamping.

I have tried a couple now and one of my favourites is Born Pretty's No Smudge top coat. It has a glossy finish and a thin formula. It comes in a new standard Born Pretty bottle which is 6ml. When you apply this over stamped or even freehand designs, it doesn't smudge any of the design, which is amazing. I've tested this a bunch and even if you do it straight after stamping the design the result is the same. It's so nice to not have the worry that the design you've just spent ages creating is going to be destroyed by the top coat you use.

I would say that about 90% of my nail designs I end up wearing with a matte top coat, but even in those, I use this underneath. Once I've stamped a design I apply a coat of this and wait for it to dry (it dries relatively fast, it's not a 'fast drying' formula, but it's nowhere near slow drying either). Then I apply a coat of my favourite matte top coat.

If you are looking to try a great smudge-free top coat you can buy this for £2.71 HERE

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- N :)

***post contains PR samples***

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