Moyou London Crazy Cat Lady 05 Plate

October 31, 2018

Today I have some designs to show you that I created using Moyou London's Crazy Cat Lazy 05 plate. The second I saw the collection I knew that I needed to buy 05... I love accent nails and reverse stamping and I knew that this plate would be perfect for both!

The plate has 18 designs of different cats, each is a full nail sized cat and the designs are just the outlines - so absolutely puurr-fect for reverse stamping. I've had a ton of fun colour these designs in. All of the cats are a cartoon-y style, and are dressed in cute outfits

The designs just scream accent nail to me, I love the look of just one or two of my nails with these designs on and the rest a solid colour. (The fish pattern behind one of the cats is a design from the plate Sailor 04, so you could put that design on some and the cat on one as an accent).

The 05 plate is designed for smaller/short nails, like mine... If you have bigger/longer nails then 06 have a lot of the same designs but on a bigger scale to fit better on bigger nails.

Nails I did using this plate:

You can buy this plate and the rest of the Crazy Cat Lady plates for £6.99 each HERE.

- N :)

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