Moyou London Mermaid Plates // Sailor 19 & 20

January 31, 2019

If you've ever been on my blog before or any of my social media account then you'll be aware that I love anything mermaid/ocean relate... Literally, I'll buy almost anything if it has a mermaid, a fish or the ocean on it!
So when Moyou released these two new plates in their Sailor collection I brought them the second I could (I brought them as a Christmas present to myself).
The plates are Sailor 19 and Sailor 20, and they are both beautiful so I wanted to post some designs I created using both of these plates...

Sailor 19:

Sailor 20:

You can buy these plates for £6.99 each on
Sailor 19
Sailor 20

For 10% off your Moyou London order, use my referral link:

- N :)

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