Born Pretty Tropical Punch L002 Stamping Plate

April 25, 2019

This awesome tropical themed stamping plate from Born Pretty features six large, full-nail size pattern designs, as well as a lot of smaller tropical plant/bird designs. I adore this plate! I wanted to get this plate many for the zig-zag design, but I ended up loving so many more designs on this plate!

Polishes: Oasis - Barry M. Purple - Beauty Big Bang.
Polishes: Blueberry Macaron - Born Pretty. Pink & White - Beauty Big Bang.
Polishes: Vanilla - Barry M. Dim Light - Born Pretty.
Polishes: Cotton - Barry M. Bright Yellow Sprouts - Born Pretty.

Product ID: 44329
You can buy the plate for £2.26 HERE

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- N :)


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