Beauty Big Bang Stamping Polishes // Lemon Yellow, Fruit Orange & Peacock Blue

June 23, 2019

— post contains gifted items — 

Today I have swatches of three of Beauty Big Bangs' newest stamping polish shades. They release six new shades in total and I was super excited because I really like Beauty Big Bangs' stamping polishes.

Lemon Yellow
While the name is Lemon, I'd consider it more of a mustard shade of yellow — although it is brighter over a white base than when on its own. I love yellow polishes and this is no exception. This is a very different shade from their previous yellow stamping polish (which is light and brighter). This polish will look lovely as a base for fall/autumn nails.
My swatch is two coats, no top coat — although if you use thinner coats, or have longer nails, you may need three coats. This polish dries with a much glossier finish that a lot of other Beauty Big Bangs' stamping polish.
This polish stamps great over white and other light shades. Although it isn't as opaque over darker colours.

Fruit Orange
This is the first orange stamping polish I've owned — how have I gone this long without an orange?! It's bright and vibrant, perfect for summer.
My swatch is two coats, no top coat. Like Lemon Yellow, it dries with a glossy finish and is a beautiful orange shade. Also like Lemon Yellow, this shade is perfect for stamping over white and lighter shades, but doesn't show up quite as opaque over some darker colours.
I plan on using this polish a lot around Halloween this year!

Peacock Blue
I am obsessed with the polish! I love teal shades and this is the first dark teal stamping polish I've owned. It's perfect for all year round and is dark and opaque which makes it a great choice for the outline of designs if you're reverse stamping!
My swatch is two coats, no top coat. This polish dries duller — which is the most common finish for stamping polishes from Beauty Big Bangs.
Out of the three, this is definitely my favourite!

I'm hoping to try the other three newer shades of Beauty Big Bangs' stamping polishes soon too!

You can buy these shades for £2.82 each here…
Or buy the set of six for £15.69 HERE

— N :)

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