Beauty Big Bang XL-061 Stamping Plate

June 29, 2019

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I have been waiting to play around with this plate for a while and I was so excited to finally get it! This plate from Beauty Big Bangs is letter/writing themed and I love it!

It has a variety of styles of lettering, including the full alphabet in bold capital letters which are great for reserve stamping! This is the first plate I've owned with this much lettering so I have loved using it. As well as the individual letters, there are several full nail sized design featuring lettering and a few smaller designs with different words and phrases.
Outside of my nail stuff, I'm a writer, so I love anything related to writing, words, letters, etc! This plate is definitely a favourite of mine now.

Designs using this plate:

You can buy this plate for £2.36 HERE
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— N :) 

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