Born Pretty Sport Time L001 Stamping Plate

August 14, 2019

— post contains gifted items — 

I was recently sent this awesome sports-themed plate from Born Pretty and wanted to share some manis I have created using the plate.

This plate is super fun, and a must-have for anyone who enjoys sport; watching or playing. The plate includes two full nail designs and a ton of smaller designs featuring all kinds of sports — seriously, this plate features so many different sports. I was super happy that this plate includes a small football (American) design, and I got it just in time for the start of preseason... so I've been wearing the little football design a lot. The designs on the plate are adorable and perfect for reverse stamping too.

Designs created using this plate:

You can buy this set from Born Pretty for £3.01 HERE.

You can use my discount code for 10% your Born Pretty order: NMYX31

—  N :)

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