Nicole Diary L04 Geometric Line Stamping Plate

August 14, 2019

— post contains gifted items — 

Today, I wanted to show some beautiful design I created using Nicole Diary's L04 plate from Born Pretty.

This is a gorgeous, large plate, with loads of geometric line designs (straight, chevron, dashed); both full nail designs and individual lines that can be combined together to create some awesome designs. This plate is perfect for mix-and-match manis or overlapping designs (like plaid). I absolutely love plates like this, because the variations are endless. This plate is awesome and gives you so many options to get as creative as you can with creating geometrics mani!

Designs created using this plate:

You can buy this set from Born Pretty for £2.49 HERE.

You can use my discount code for 10% your Born Pretty order: NMYX31

—  N :)

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